pic-peter-justinPeter Justin (born in Yei – South Sudan) is a PhD Candidate at University of Wageningen and is affiliated to the African Studies Center in Leiden, The Netherlands.  His research project falls under the programme ‘Grounding Land Governance – Land Conflicts, Local Governance and Decentralization in Post-conflict Uganda, Burundi and South Sudan’.  The programme investigates how land governance evolves in post-conflict situations as an outcome of interactions between multiple stakeholders to land governance including governments, traditional authorities, NGOs and local people.  It particularly looks at how decentralization influences relations of governance, how this impacts on legitimacy of local authorities and how this affects land conflict resolution.
Within the programme, Peter investigates how land reform and decentralized land governance in South Sudan is being implemented in a context where the state has been largely ‘absent’ in the past as a result of protracted ‘North – South’ civil wars.

Peter has been working for a number of research institutions in (South) Sudan and in the Netherlands.  Prior to the start of his PhD project, he was the Programme Coordinator for ‘Oil and Peace in Sudan’, a collaborative project between the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan (ECOS) and the Sudan Council of Churches (SCC).  He has also been involved on implementing different project as a private consultant.